Dairy farming

Our main dairy farm is in Oljororok and our aim is rearing local breeds that are adapted to the climate in an efficient manner. Our cattle are raised on pasture and fodder from our farm. This means that they are outside, free-ranging and only eating fresh grasses, hay, silage and vegetables. We beleive in a cow producing what I can naturaly produce with optimal care

Fodder farming

To ensure adequate feeds for our large numbers of animals, we engage in the cultivation of various types of fodder such as hay, Napier grass, Lucerne, sunflower and sorghum.  We also grow maize for silage which is highly nutritious. During the rainy season, there is a lot of fodder from our farm which we process and preserve to maintain our animals during the dry season.

Poultry farming

Mbatia farm started poultry farming in 2011 under the name of Plains poultry farm where we raised KARI improved indigenous chicken. We later decided to specialize in pure pasture fed indigenous chicken for both eggs and meat production in Ndaragwa. Our birds are raised on pasture year-round where they are exposed to sunlight and feed on the vegetation in our farms.  




We produce a variety of cereals that are sold in the local market and the stock is used to produce animal feeds for our farms.


We sell our sheep to slaughter houses in Nyahururu and neighbouring towns. We also sell breeding rams and ewes to farmers.


We supply our vegetables to the local market, local processors and at farm gate while excess is fed to our animals. 


We have embraced mechanisation of our potatoes farming to reduce on labour costs and improve on quality and yield of our farms.
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