Mbatia farms has been cultivating maize, beans and peas for a long time. The cereals are sold in the local market while stalks are processed to make fodder for the animals. Bean and peas husks are a good source of protein for the animals while maize stokes provide energy and fibre to the animals when well processed and stored. 


Ndaragwa is an area with relatively low rainfall and borders the ASAL areas of Laikipia county and this makes it very suitable for sheep rearing. We specialise in Dorper sheep in ndaragwa since they are hardy and can tolerate higher temperatures. We rotate our sheep regulary to fresh ground, ensuring a consistent graze for our pastures. Our sheep are both grazers and ‘browsers’; this means that they like to eat vegetation that is sometimes considered a ‘weed’ in the farm. We also feed them with excess vegetables form our farms especially during the rainy season. In our oljorook farm, we keep Hampshire breed since the areas has lower temperatures and this breed does well there since they have more far to keep warm during the cold season. 


We practice horticulture both in Ndaragwa and Oljororok and mainly cultivate cabbages, potatoes, carrots, and spinach.


We sell our milk to Ol kalau farmers cooperative society dairy who also offer farm extension services. We do have a standby Vet who looks after the health of the animals and ensure they get the necessary immunization and treatment when necessary. We also have a few dairy cows at the Ndaragwa farm.


We specialise in cultivation of cabbages, spinach and carrots in both our farms as am means of ensuring crop rotation to safe guard against soil degradation. Our main spinach variety are red giant while for cabbages we specialise in Gloria F1 due to its longer shelf life. Seedling raising is very critical in vegetable farming and that is why we outsource this to professionals like Plantech limited to ensure uniform growth and maximise seed germination. We supply our vegetables to the local market, local processors and at farm gate while excess is fed to our animals with plans to venture in value addition soon. 


Potatoes farming is one of the main economic activities in Nyandarua County. Our farm has specialised in production of Shangi variety of potatoes for the last 5 years. This variety is for both table use and chips. Shangi has a cream skin color with white flesh and is suitable for both chips and table use. It has a medium production yield of 30 to 40 tonnes per hectare and a maturity time of less than 3 months thus making it a favourite for most farmers. We recently introduced Dutch robin variety which is mainly for commercial production of crisps. This variety has a longer medium maturity of 3-4 months and a yield of 30 tonnes per ha. Soon we shall be introducing Jelly variety which is also for table and chips use but has a higher yield of more that 40 tonnes per ha and a longer tuber dormancy which is good for reduction of post- harvest losses and longer shelf life.
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