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Mbatia farm is a commercial mixed farm use in Kenya. With a total of four farms located in Ndaragwa and Oljororok in Nyandarua county specializing in Sheep, Dairy, poultry, fodder, horticulture, and cereals farming. The farm was established in 2007 farming in Ndaragwa and later expanded to Ojrororok in 2010. Ndaragwa boarders Laikipia county and tend to receive relatively low rainfall with high temperatures throughout the year compared to other parts of Nyandarua. This makes it suitable for both rain- fed agriculture and irrigation.

To employ natural farming methods in the production of fresh, nutritious and affordable food towards sustainable food security and empowerment of local community. 

At Mbatia Farms, we are passionate about producing natural foods for our people. Our values are reflected in the farming processes, the people and efficient use of available resources such as land, water and organic manure. 

Mbatia farms has been engaging in commercial tree farming since 2007 with over five thousand trees planted in Ndaragwa. This tree plantation provides grazing grounds for our sheep while helping to improve the climatic condition of the area. At Mbatia farms we make use of natural manure from our animals to enrich the soils and ensure optimal production while ensuring natural and healthy products. 
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